About Us

Be symbolic.
  • Our minds speak a language of icons, symbols, and metaphors. Use our logos in ways that speak a deeper language than just a logo on a piece of merchandise. 
Be thoughtful.
  • Every word, every nuance, every detail is worthy of scrutiny. Find new and intriguing ways of making discoverable elements. Subtle or obvious, our brand is all about discovery nuance.
Be irreverent.
  • Do the unexpected, the unexplored, the uneasy. Be irreverent in your pursuit of all new ideas. Do not be afraid to stray from the orthodoxy of philosophy, design, or fashion. Rather than think outside the box, reimagine the box altogether. We are blazing a path—there is no reason for convention. 



Logo Story

The eye is the window to the soul. The soul is the rawest, purest form of the human experience that we know how to express. The eye symbolizes our innermost thoughts and understanding, but also our ability to observe and take in the outside.

 The symbolic origins of the labyrinth predate written history, the labyrinth represents our journey through life. With its vaulted walls of uncertainty, and the eventual reward, the labyrinth mirrors our winding lives. In order to overcome the maze, one must be patient, persistent, and deliberate.

The eye/labyrinth represent our journey for meaning, with a reward of understanding.